'I wish I were a celebrity!' ….. this dream inspires most of us in our lifetime.

We often adore and admire celebrities…. the characters they play, the clothes they wear, the style statement they carry, and knowingly or unknowingly we ….. follow their style as well.


Just like you, we are celeb enthusiasts as well.

MyCelebSwag is a platform that opens doors to your favourite celeb's wardrobe from your favourite movies and shows, bringing their swag and styles closer to you. From reel to real. We are here to not just make you look good but also feel good. Mycelebswag is your key to unlock all the fashion answers you've always been looking for.

It is a platform, whereby we can get inspiration from our favourite celebrities. Not just movies and shows, but what they wear on different occasions as well. May it be a movie date, a vacation, an office wear…… and the list goes on……..


To be amongst the leaders in the domain of celebrity fashion


A one-stop destination that connects fashion enthusiasts and fans with the celebrities, characters they play on-screen, and their style statements.

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