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“It is all about experiments.”

Sunny, a project manager, digital creator, and designer, has lived by this rule. His versatile dressing which is off the charts, when coupled with his affable personality, makes him one of the most sought after fashion influencers.

Working for a corporate company, along with pursuing his dream of being a designer, Sunny embodies the concept of how it is never too late. In his words, “It is a hidden bond, which you can never forget, or hide.”

How many of us have procrastinated about putting our thoughts into actions? Will it work out, or will I be able to handle the additional stress? Such questions haunt us. Well, Sunny has encouraged us to put those fears away, and stresses on how pertinent it is for us to look at things from a broader perspective. A multitasker himself, he intends to never stop.

For Sunny, fashion trends have never been a major concern. He believes in wearing what feels right, and comfortable. His preferred go to outfit is a comfortable cotton kurta, paired with ripped jeans, kolhapuri chappal, and well of course, a hat.

He enjoys breaking the entrenched stereotypes about men wearing certain colours. He has immense love for the colour pink, and maintains that “pink is a colour, not a gender.” Doing away with such essentialisms, Sunny has both the love, and support of his followers.

Also, the founder and designer of Vastragranth, he intended to create a brand, which would cater exclusively to his male audience. Designing custom made outfits for men; he plans on broadening the base for male designers, who work solely for men.

Inspiration comes in multitude of ways, and through various sources. For Sunny, he did not have to look outside his family, because his biggest influencers have been his dad, grandmother, and grandfather. They have all contributed significantly to his creative growth, and Sunny is constantly reminded by his father to, “Never forget your passion, keep doing it.”

Never one to shy away from sensational outfits, he would love to try out printed blazer with printed trousers. An admirer of the Odisha Ikat print, Sunny wants to design a men summer suit made of printed Ikat fabric. He had already set up the entire plan; however, the current lockdown situation kept him from getting it stitched.

An exuberant personality himself, Sunny has got his own way of dealing with the negative comments. He prefers to accept positive criticism, examine what’s wrong, work on it, and then move on. “You have to be chill,” is what he does.

Sunny is of the opinion that things will get better, and plans to set up his own studio soon.

Loving Sunny’s wardrobe and personality already? Go check out his Instagram now… @iamsunnnyyy

Simran Mittal


If you are bored of homogenous fashion bloggers that offer up the same stuff, you need a breath of fresh air and that’s where Simran Mittal comes in. The Winner of Tiara Miss India Environment International at the young age of 18, Simran is an expert at merging high fashion and basic clothing with a certain level of effortlessness

“Fashion is anything getting out of your comfort zone….Fashion is something that makes you who you are, something that makes you much more confident in your own skin” these are the words which defines fashion for the Primma donna. If mixing and matching is a game then Simran is the biggest player around. With fashion statements which stand out from the pack thanks to her one-of-a-kind sartorial sense, she coaches us on the ABC rule (accentuate, balance conceal and cover) of mix and match.

Hailing from a business family, fashion industry was uncharted waters for Simran but after realizing her zeal for fashion, in her pre-teens she took a decision to follow her passion and never looked back. “For me it was never about getting designer clothes, I was very okay with normal clothes till it worked from me” and we love her willingness to create something classy and high-end from basic comfort clothes. The Mumbai based blogger inspires closet and footwear envy with her vibrant and approachable style. Simran’s cool-down-to-earth aesthetic relies on a mix of high fashion pieces and avant-garde street wear.

Her pretty eclectic approach to fashion and undying love for pastel colors is giving us all the feels. From flaunting her love for crop tops to slaying ethnic ensembles, she can make almost any look work with little effort. “I love putting effort into something I wear” she says. Simran makes high waist feel fresh, minimalistic accessories look cool and her color game is tough to beat.

For the Cocoberry model, inspiration is not something which is limited to one person; everyone teaches something or the other, it’s on us how to apply that comprehension. Fashion is always there. Nice watches and comfy footwear are her hallmarks. And she sure knows how to rock crop tops with leather pants.

Simran takes pride in originality and not following trends blindly. ‘Don’t try to be someone others want you to be, be yourself..find something you connect with and are comfortable in.’ Talking about the ways through which she keeps herself updated on fashion trends she says, fashion magazine and fashion weeks does it for her. Vogue, PFW, NFW are her ultimate go to.

She is Basic! She is classy! She is edgy! This exquisite diva deserves all our love.

Feeling experimental? Check out her intsagram @simran__mittal.

Mayur Saroj Rajput


Imagine yourself in the most eccentric style ever...donned in an opposite gender's wardrobe! Can you? Most of you would be thinking NO WAY! Right? Well, our very own thebow_hoguy a.k.a Mayur Saroj Rajput thinks differently and is setting an example of androgyny!

An ardent fashion influencer and a style mentor, Mayur hails from the city of lakes, Bhopal and currently resides in Mumbai. Mayur is a graduate in fashion designing and loves the idea of dressing 'off the wall' and going dramatic since his childhood days. “Back then I wasn't introduced to the word fashion. It was all about going fancy", says Mayur who was also seen in Myntra's Fashion Superstar!

How many of you would have shaven your head to complete a dare? MOST OF YOU WOULDN'T! But Mayur did and has been going kooky ever since. Obsessed with Fedora Hats & Bow Ties, bald head and Fedoras are now synonymous with Mayur. And as they say, why fit in when you were born to stand out? Inspired by the unusual and unconventional, Mayur has even tried his hands on making a bow tie out of a sanitary napkin!

If you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain! Travelling in the local trains dressed in a palazzo and seeing those eyes on him, Mayur too faced his struggles! Despite people giggling at him, Mayur kept trying and hustling and never capitulated on his passion.

Fashion to Mayur is all about expressing oneself and one's mood. He's inspired by Charlie Chaplin's style and the presence of ankle length trousers in his sartorial choices are evident of this. The effortless Priyanka Chopra Jonas also galvanizes Mayur's wardrobe!

A fervent lover of tattoos, Mayur already has 6 of them! Given a chance to style someone, Mayur would have loved to style the classic diva, Lt. Audrey Hepburn in 'a very beautifully toned blue denim palazzo/a flared trouser paired with a lace tank top, layered with an oversized trench coat in the combination of neon green and lilac.'

Mayur is not only a prodigious fashion artist but also a teacher, who inspires his followers to have their own style. 'Be original and never lose your individuality.' Contented with his work, Mayur wants to continue being a style content creator and mentor people for free.

Wanna take inspiration for your Fedora Hats? Or Bow Ties? Or that quirky look of yours? Who better than Mayur himself!

Go checkout his Instagram handle now @thebow_hoguy.

Soumya Mohanty


"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light"- Albus Dumbledore.

Soumya Mohanty, a lifestyle & fashion blogger, strongly believes in his words and so do we. A graduate in Business Administration and Advertising & PR, Soumya is an illustrious curator of fashion & food content.

Someone has rightly said, 'The creative adult is the child who survived.' It's been 3 years since Soumya first started blogging but has been inclined towards creativity and writing since she was 5. Yes, you read it right, ONLY 5!

In life, good things never come easy! During her initial days, Soumya too faced criticism from her kins. Investing in her photoshoots, struggling to earn people's trust, and learning to take that criticism positively, Soumya has indeed come a long way. But as they say, 'All's well that ends well.'

Soumya believes in creating something of her own and asks her followers to be authentic in their work and be kind towards their audience. She adds on and says, "Be humble and don't let it get over your head." Soumya's father, a poet & writer , has been her biggest inspiration throughout.

An alluring style diva, Soumya is now also one of the esteemed members of 'The Indore Blogger's Association (IBA)' a group of immensely talented, professional and experienced bloggers. Not only is she a blogger but an ardent fashion influencer!

To Soumya, fashion and style means 'being elegant & classy , yet yourself.' Soumya's Instagram inspires us to be ourselves and reflect our personal style in whatever we don! An aficionado of ethnicity & culture, Soumya loves to portray fashion with it's cultural values on her gram! Her Durga Pooja's lookbook is an exemplar of this.

An avid lover of retro & vintage fashion, Soumya's favorite celebrities are Rekha, Waheeda Rehman and Lt. Audrey Hepburn. She is an admirer of Komal Pandey's sartorial choices and loves her versatility and protean style!

Talking about her wardrobe essentials, Soumya says; a pair of fitted denims, a white shirt, a smart blazer, an elegant silk saree and a pair of good heels along with some statement jewellery, can never go wrong!

Soumya loves the idea of dressing quirky and is a big fan of tattoos. She believes that tattoos rev up the style quotient and says, 'I don't wear bangles with a saree as I have my arm band, my tattoo.'

Loving her wardrobe already? Go check her Instagram to find more @soumyamohantyofficial

By Paridhi Gupta

Bunila Choudhary


It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen!

Bunila Choudhary, the Director and Co-Founder of 'The Preach Official', is an exemplar of this. Curator of a fashion & lifestyle exhibition based in Chandigarh, Bunila, hails from the capital city of Delhi and is a graduate in textile designing.

'There's nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others'. With an insight to connect the local and emerging fashion designers with shopping lovers, Bunila curated 'The Preach Official'. A platform for budding designers to put up their work and an open exhibition for fashion enthusiasts, 'The Preach Official' is a first of its kind in the region.

Their first pop-up show at Chandigarh, exhibiting the work and talent of 22 young designers, was indeed a success. For the next exhibition in Ludhiana, they came up with a 'Wine and Cheese' event, raising the bars of their pop-up affair!

From being one of the youngest fashion event curators, to collaborating with some big brands, Bunila says, 'I have been blessed to have a couple of notable feathers in my cap throughout my journey till now.' Bunila believes that 'patience is a virtue' and one should keep moving forward in life no matter what. Inspired by Buddhist philosophies and her mother's advice, Bunila puts her heart and soul in everything she does. Not only is she the Founder and Director of 'The Preach Official', but also an ardent fashion influencer.

To Bunila fashion and style means going effortless! Even if you spend 5 hours putting it on, one must always look effortless. Scrolling through her Instagram, Bunila inspires us with the idea of how basic is no more basic and how you can dazzle even in a plain white tee/shirt. So start investing in your basics first!

Bunila supports sustainable fashion and her sartorial choices are inspiring us to re-use & recycle our old outfits.

Wanna go vintage and sustainable at the same time? Grab an outfit from your Mom's wardrobe and you are good to go!

Enlisting her 5 fashion essentials, Bunila says, a white basic tee paired with a loose denims, teamed up with a pair of strappy white heels/white sneakers is her go to look. To rev up the whole look, one can accessorize it with a good watch and chunks of golden jewellery!

Bunila not only loves to spend on sustainable fashion brands like H&M, but also loves to splurge on good skin care products. Inspired by her Grandmother, she believes it is important to have a good and healthy skin and loves taking care of it.

Bunila's favourite fashion icon is Meghan Markle. The founder of 'The Preach Official' believes Meghan to be having a magnificent style and is totally awestruck by her transformation from an edgy look to a royalty!

Want to put together an amazing outfit? Take inspiration from Bunila's Instagram! @bunilaachoudhary @thepreachofficial

By Paridhi Gupta

Deepty Chettri


Alber Elbaz rightly said,"Style is the only thing you can't buy.

It's not shopping for a bag, or a label, or a price tag. It's something reflected from our soul to the outside world."

Deepty Chettri, a 22 year-old Indo-Nepalese fashion blogger is an example of this. Born and brought up in the beautiful town of Darjeeling, India, Deepty did her Bachelor's of Science in Biotechnology from the LPU, Punjab and is currently studying in Canada. At a tender age of 22, Deepty is a fashionista and an Instagram blogger.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different, and that is what style means to Deepty. Deepty's Instagram is surely giving us inspiration for our sartorial choices.

Wanna rock your winter look? Take inspiration from our personal favourite from Deepty's wardrobe....

In an ivy green, curve hugging sweater dress and a leather jacket, Deepty surely is a pro at layering! Pairing her outfit with those black leather high boots and a black sling bag, Deepty looks utterly gorgeous!!

Wanna include Deepty's style in your wardrobe? Go check her Instagram @jus__dc