The Masquerade Party!!....Let the party begins…. famous and praiseworthy style, from the iconic movie “50 Shades of Grey”


The Masquerade Party!!

Well aren’t the masquerade parties in trend!! And who is to have better rocked the theme, but the iconic movie series 50 shades of grey. The movie revolving round a rich and powerful businessmen, Christian and his love story with Anesthesia, which began from sexual fetishes of Christian, but later on turning into his love for Anesthesia.

The movie portrays an elegant sense of fashion and lifestyle. However, amongst all, the most famous and praiseworthy style, which was loved by all, was the iconic “Masquerade party attire.”

Christian can be seen in a black suite, which perfectly complements the white shirt. The look has been complemented with a black bow tie, and a plain black mask, which is nothing extravagant as per the clothes, but brings out the lavishness in the confidence with which it is carried. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the look does bring out the WOW!! Element, when seen Christian.

As for Anesthesia, the look has been exceptionally applauded for. She can be seen in a silver silk gown, with a falling neck and a cape like shrug, which gives a feather like look, making her appear absolutely “stunning”. The attire gives her the glance of an angel. The outfit exceptionally complements her body style, and is carried with utter elegance, with silver shining clutch, and a simple yet astounding hair bun. Also, the red colored lipstick perfectly goes with the outfit. The look is completed with a silver facemask, which has been given utmost importance. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the look gives Anesthesia, all what it takes to be an icon.

By Prachi Verma

May 22, 2020

Legit Rajasthani outfit goals! from the movie Khoobsurat and Sonam Kapoor….a true trendsetter… she can easily be called a synonym for fashion.


Legit Rajasthani outfit goals!!

A royal palace, a prince, and a very elegant, yet strict rani. That’s hardly the right place for a vibrant, contrasting, almost boho clothes? Right?

But then there’s the movie Khoobsurat and Sonam Kapoor pulling off the most outrageous looks in this high-society setting. Sonam can easily be called a synonym for fashion. She was a trendsetter right from the beginning. Here we see the whimsical madness she creates with vibrant colors. But the girl has some innate talent in mixing and matching the dresses to create a masterpiece.

Sonam made sure that all eyes were on her, when she matched the brick pink waist length kurta with flared cut palazzo. She played with the colors like no one ever did when she touched the look with bright yellow scarf. The outfit is bright, vibrant, and eye-catching. This took no time in setting a trend……

By Bhavisha Duggal

May 21, 2020



Imagine what it would be like if the Kadhai paneer of North mixes with Idli Sambhar of South..??

It would be as crazy as it would be surprising! But then Punjabi tadka in South Indian simplicity can be another example of 'unity in diversity’. The fusion of two cultures, the relationship of two different families and the love story between "2 States" is sure to be full of surprises.

Add to it, the adorable chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor alias Ananya and Krish of "2 States” as they were seen together in this modern day romantic flick. This particular visual is a still from the song "Iski Uski" from the same film, where Alia is seen in a sanskaari avatar as she wears a South Indian, yellow lehenga saari with contrasting blue-pink banarsi work blouse. Enhancing her ethnic look is a light golden waist band, braided hair with gajra and light ethnic jewellery. Her makeup is in a pretty pink touch but is very cautiously kept to the natural side.

On the other hand, we see the charming Arjun Kapoor, our Punjabi munda in a shimmery long cream and black kurta showing off a thin lined sequence work on it. Arjun's charming dimples make him look like just perfect in the scene.

The overall look of both these stars has been the talk of the town, and has won the hearts of many people.

By Paridhi Gupta

June 8, 2020



The phrase, “Roses are red and Violets are blue” have often been put together. However, there is something much more complimentary, without which the stunning red can never do!

Yes...it is much obvious that we are talking about the outstandingly known combination of colours, the power combo of Red-Black.

As splendid as the chemistry between Red and Black, it was a sure shot hit when the most dazzling power couple of Bollywood supported it with their own sizzling romance. "The meant to be" Ram-Leela of Bollywood aka Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, clearly stole hearts with their harmonizing looks at their Reception party.

Here Deepika can be seen in a long floor length gown with an exceedingly fashionable flowery side petal’s and steep V-shaped deep neck which elegantly shows off her neckline. The gown supports a shimmery sequence work, covering it all over and a plain red waist belt as a contrast of the dress. Deepika completes her look very nattily with smoky eyes, nude makeup, minimal jewellery and dark red stilettos.

Complementing her not only in the pose but also in life is the very dapper Ranveer Singh looking absolutely handsome in his three piece black tux. With a white shirt and black bow, Singh is making it a very classy formal look. Ranveer as always sets a new fusion fashion statement as he wears a slightly velvety self-embodied formal blazer instead of a typical plain black formal.

The two invariably look stunning together and once again set couple goals for their fans.

By Lavanya Sharma

June 21, 2020