Simplicity with style!! The Cuban Singer and songwriter Camila Cabello, a star with “oh my god” style!!!


Carrying Simplicity with style!!

The Cuban Singer and songwriter Camila Cabello, a star knowing no limits has groped the world with her melodious voice. The star not only has commendable music, but also an “oh my god” style!!! Especially the dress worn by her in song, “Hey Ma” is worth giving applauding.

The star looks exceptionally good in the crop top and skirt, perfectly complementing her body style. The dress is uniquely simple, yet catchy, with the small consecutive leaf like pattern. The look is complemented with the wavy curls on her long hairs, which is carried with a noteworthy attitude.

The outfit also perfectly complements the Cuban culture shown in the song, and the style does give a feeling of carrying simplicity with style!!

By Dr. Karminder Ghuman

May 29, 2020

Casual business style! personified by an artist with good looks, butter melt charm, killer music …. Shawn Mendes….. one of the best dressed man in the world of music


The time is now for a casual business style!!

If there is one male artist who has taken the world by storm, it’s Shawn Mendes. He has got the good looks, butter melt charm, killer music, and is one of the best dressed man in the world of music.

Coming to his style, “Stitches" singer is all about comfort wrapped up in fashion statement of its own. Here we see him in an all-black outfit, a preferred choice for men in business. Previous generations had it easy when it came to dressing for work. There were conventional norms set…. but with change in time came the pressure of looking good with elegant ease. A look which gives well groomed, but heavy duty vibes and for this, casual business style is the only answer.

Shawn here teaches us some of his go to style….. He is sporting a black knit wear, full sleeved round neck t-shirt, creative enough which makes it go well for both the casual and the professional look. It is styled it with black pants with a slight tint of ash grey, a reflexed fit but making a professional impact nonetheless, just a little polish on the whole look with charcoal black Chelsea boots , and you are golden.

This look, an instant head turner will surely give you the moves ranging from boardroom, to the street room.

By Tanya Pundir

May 28, 2020



Anushka Sharma a.k.a the queen of minimalism has something for everyone. Never overdressed, Anushka has been giving some major fashion goals for a long time now. Having a sense of effortlessness in her style Anushka always carries a polished look.

In this lighter-than-air, sea foam green cocktail saree by couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anushka is giving us some key outfit goals. The sleeveless brocade blouse with a sweetheart line is like cherry on the cake. To complete her look, she has paired her saree with the stop-and- stare choker necklace and those leaf shaped earrings are prepared by the one and only Mr.Sabyasachi.

Want to put together an evening outfit for a friend's wedding reception? A wispy saree like Anushka is the one you need to borrow inspiration from!

By Paridhi Gupta

June 16, 2020

Style with a class.... a timeless classic



Tom Cruise...!! The name is enough to create enthusiasm among the audience. One of the highest- paid actors, and amongst the most handsome men in the world, he always makes a cool, modish, sassy and trendy appearance in his movies, award shows, talk shows and promotional events. Not to mention, he even looks dashing in random appearances as well.

Be it a casual or a formal look, he always stands out of the crowd and never leaves any stone unturned. When it comes to jaw dropping style, Italian wool and leather are two such fabrics which had kept the 90’s fashion high above.

Tom Cruise can often be seen in Bomber Jackets, Straight Leg Pants, Leather Jackets and V- necks, making him the talk of the town in the fashion industry, time and again.

Here, Tom Cruise can be seen in Denim Fur Jacket, worn on top of Henley Blue-knit style T- shirt, with ice blue denims, bringing out an overall enriching, lively and jaunty look. His style can well be described as stylish and quirky in all its simplicity.

He has given outstanding performances, wherein every role that he plays looks very realistic. In all the movies that he has been a part of, he has never failed to impress us with his style. His every outfit perfectly complements his role, body type and tone.

Tom Cruise’s signature style also includes Aviator Sunglasses, which brings out the superstar in him, flawlessly. Talking about his preferred colour palette, he can be often seen in basic colours like blue, grey, black and white.

Wearing different shades of simplicity, Tom Cruise looks exceptionally spectacular, with his look shouting out loud, “It’s Cruise at his cruisiest.”

By Tanya Aggarwal

June 25, 2020